Chris Sperring inspecting a Barn Owl nest box
Chris Sperring inspecting a Barn Owl nest box

The Hawk and Owl Trusts’ South West Projects were formed in 1991, and are led by Conservation Officer, Chris Sperring.

Originally set up to conserve Barn Owls in Somerset and surrounding counties, South West Projects has expanded and evolved over the years and now works to conserve and study all birds of prey and owls, and in fact many other species, in the south west region.

Chris is passionate about working with farmers and other landowners to create habitat and provide nesting sites. His infectious enthusiasm is also put to good use during his many visits to schools and youth groups, often accompanied by one of his captive-bred owl ambassadors!

For more information or advice about helping owls and birds of prey in south-west England please contact Chris Sperring

Barn owls survive and thrive in areas of rough grassland that can sustain good numbers of field voles and other small mammals for them to feed on.