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Major Updates to Norwich & Bath Webcam Feeds for 2015 Season

The Hawk and Owl trust has today launched its new webcam service for 2015.

Much behind-the-scenes work has been undertaken by our Tech Partners ( and our Volunteers over the winter ‘off-season’ to comprehensively upgrade the webcam streaming feed and the stills camera feed from the nest box on the spire of Norwich Cathedral.

We have installed new high quality widescreen cameras with sound in Norwich. The clarity and quality of the new feed is an exponential jump up from the previous generation of cameras. In addition, the technical team have been able to develop a ‘hybrid’ video stream that will be compatible with the vast majority of viewing devices, including desktops and laptops (windows & apple), android smartphones and tablets AND iPads and iPhones – all in the one unified stream.

While it is prohibitively expensive to stream in High Definition we are able to record the source feed in HD and subsequent video posts to our YouTube Channel and on our websites will be in HD quality.

Finally, we have extended the refresh rate of the page (to limit our data streaming costs) from 180 secs to 240 secs.

The St Johns Church, Bath webcam is available from the start of the season this year. We hope to extend the screen ratio from 4:3 to the widescreen (16:9) format in the next few weeks and to output at a similar size to the Norwich Feed. At the time of writing we do not yet have a feed for Apple iPads or iPhones. Unfortunately, the feed cannot be upgraded to provide SOUND at this time.

So to all Peregrine Watchers out there… ENJOY

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