New Project Launch is a huge success thanks to magnificent volunteer team

Children learning what barn owls eat by dissecting owl pellets
Children learning what barn owls eat by dissecting owl pellets

On Saturday 17th of January the Give 2 Hoots (G2H) group of volunteer fundraisers facilitated the launch of our New Community Owls Project. The G2H team really came up with the goods (quite literally) by working through the night for weeks to produce some truly fantastic ‘Owly’ craft items to sell, on top of all of the other organising that an event like this takes!

The afternoon session was due to kick-off at 2pm, but people were so keen that we had to start letting them in just after 1pm! The G2H crew were rushed off their feet all afternoon, with around 200 people coming through the door. Apart from the sale of a huge range of goods, there were also hands-on activities like nest boxing making and owl pellet dissection, as well as home-made cakes and other refreshments (the cheese and chilli biscuits were particularly moreish). I was in my element talking Owls all afternoon, but two of the stars of the show were our captive-bred owl ambassadors, Orion the Tawny Owl and Bellatrix the Barn Owl.


About to set out for walk!
About to set out for the walk!

At 4pm we took a group of around 40 people for a walk to look at different habitats, expertly guided two of the G2H members (and Castle Cary locals) Ossie and Jan Osborne. We found some superb Vole habitat, great for Barn Owl and wintering Short-eared Owl, and even spent time watching the voles themselves.
After this was the evening talk about the new Community Owls Project, and how we believe passionately that we need to engage with the public at a local level, driving a grass-roots-up approach, in order to make positive and effective change for all of our wildlife.


Huge thanks to all the G2H team for facilitating this event, which raised over £1500 for our conservation work in Somerset!

Children learning to build barn owl nestboxes
Children learning to build barn owl nestboxes

Here’s what one person wrote to us afterwards:
“Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you are doing to save British wildlife. I was so inspired I was speechless. I had loads of questions but was overwhelmed by your presentation. I am sure everyone in that room yesterday went off to do their bit. I am the first to agree Chris. It will work.
I don’t know where you get your energy but over 200 people were enthused and stimulated to do their bit yesterday. YOU made a difference now, hopefully, they will too. This world is amazing and we must look after it. Thank you.  Val.”


To find out more about G2H or to volunteer to help with future events please contact them:

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