Give 2 Hoots

Give2Hoots (G2H) is a group of volunteer fundraisers who got together after ‘meeting’ on the Somerset Community Owl Project webcam forum. A tentative idea that we meet up ‘in person’ quickly transformed into a fundraising and awareness raising event, and the success of that first ‘Barn Owl Bash’ in July 2014, coinciding as it did with the need to support the next phase of the work – the new Community Owls Project – saw the group commit to continuing as a fundraising group.

The group’s purpose is to support the Community Owls project by fundraising, organising events and supporting awareness raising in the community. The group and its supporters (of whom there are many) create craft items for sale (the most popular of which, “Jan’s Bespoke Barn Owl Bags”, are so popular that there is a waiting list!), bake cakes and biscuits, make jam and chutney, create cards, take photographs along with numerous other activities. In addition they organise nature walks and talks, larger community events and support the project’s educational programme.

The group are constantly thinking up new ways to harness the energy and enthusiasm of the many people who care about nature and want to do their bit to support owls and other birds of prey (and the many benefits this brings to the habitat that they rely on). If that applies to you, please get in touch via