We’re Launching This Saturday!

Chris Sperring putting up a nest box
Chris Sperring putting up a nest box

The New Community Owls Project is an evolution of the Hawk and Owl Trust’s original Community Owls Project which was devised by Conservation Officer, Chris Sperring, in 2005. As the name suggests, we work with community groups as well as farmers, landowners and land managers to create owl-friendly habitat and erect, maintain and monitor nesting boxes. The main focus of this work is to support the Barn Owl population in Somerset and surrounding counties, but we are also working to conserve Kestrels, Little Owls and Tawny Owls.

Beginning in 2014, the Community Owls Project will run for at least 3 years and will hopefully become an ongoing nest box scheme, with a network of volunteers and community groups helping us to ensure ongoing maintenance of the boxes (cleaning and repair) and monitoring of the hunting habitat as well as providing ongoing support and advice for the farmers. We will continue putting up at least 50 new barn owl boxes each year and at least 20 Kestrel and Little Owl boxes.

The other important aspect of this project is education; we will continue to offer free visits to schools (accompanied by live owls), as well as public events and workshops.

Click here for information on our launch event.

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